This series was once again based on a concept, I had put forward to Periplous.

The idea was to draw light upon the leading actresses of the theatre and the cinema, who neither belonged in the generation of the older and lifelong distinguished actresses, nor in the generation of the very young ones.
They would have to have had a considerable career and left a clear mark, but, at the same time, to have the future before them.

With some of them we were already well acquainted.
With Anna Mascha, we had worked together in “Alemaya”.
With Stefania Goulioti we were going to work the following year in “Joy”.
With Ioanna Pappa, we also knew each other relatively well, as we had worked together for the “Paraskinio” on Ovid’s Metamorphoses, two years earlier.
With Marissa Triantafillidou, we had already met, and we were going to meet again in the filming of the documentary about The Cherry Orchard, in which she was Nikos Karathanos’ assistant.

All of them were very interesting. Maria Nafpliotou was very open, despite her rather reserved image.
And Maria Protopappa was just superb.