Mathimata - Pathimata

This is definitely one of the most difficult, yet successful works I have made for television.
That series, going by the title “Mathimata – Pathimata” (i.e. Hard Lessons), is one of the finest moments in Greek television and the history of ERT and was produced during Kostas Spyropoulos’ tenure as General Manager.
It was an attempt to record and delve deeply into the issue of education in Greece, spanning all grades. From preschool to the university.
The series had multiple directors.

It is no coincidence that the project was the idea of three women. They were producers-directors and worked with an entirely different mindset than what was the norm.
Marianna Oikonomou, Valerie Kontakos and Amalia Zepou joined forces, each one undertaking supervision over four episodes, and that lead to a series that was nothing short of a jewel.