It was the time the ‘Omichli’, an unofficial union of filmmakers, who wanted to change the status quo in Greek cinema and the State Awards, had just emerged.
That was when several new filmmakers came to prominence, the foremost of whom was Yorgos Lanthimos.
And that was when the term ‘The current flow’ or ‘Greek Weird Wave’ was coined”

So, I had the idea of proposing to Periplous (the production house of Stelios Haralambopoulos and Thanos Lambropoulos) that we captured that process in the form of a documentary series comprised of portraits of young filmmakers, who had expressed that new style.
Consequently, the project has an aspect of capturing very interesting narratives.

I made four of the episodes, each of which features two young filmmakers.
It was my great pleasure to film Alexandros Voulgaris (aka The Boy, a very good friend who has offered many times considerable help in my pictures (in “Makronisos” and in “Joy”) and whom I regard as a really great artist.
In my book, he is the most outstanding filmmaker among those who have surfaced from 2005 onwards.
And, of course , another episode features his sister, Κonstantina Voulgari, who is one of the most unique instances in Greek cinema.

I had first met them both, in 1993, when I was assistant to their father, Pantelis Voulgaris. Κonstantina was 13 and Alexandros 12.
And it was very amusing for me to be making documentary portraits about them all those years later.

That was when I first met Yannis Economidis, who was going to help, by playing a very memorable part in “Joy”, a year later.